Ways to Use a Knife for Survival
  1. When you finish using it, always put your knife back in its sheath or fold it down, for safety.
  2. Never push your blade into the soil (the blade could get chipped if it comes into contact with stones/rocks burried in the soil). Even if the soil looks soft, it may be hiding various rocks.
  3. Make sure your knife is clean and dry before putting it back into its sheath. This is particularly important for longer term storage. I have had to learn this the hard way. I pulled out my Condor Bushlore after letting it sit in a mildly damp sheath for approximately three days. Needless to say, the blade surface was a fine reddish brown and took an age to sand and polish out.
  4. High carbon steel blades should be lightly oiled before storing. Pulling out your beloved knife to discover it is covered in rust can be a sad affair and can be a fairly time consuming mistake to put right.
  5. Leather sheaths can become damp and if not dried out correctly will cause your knife to rust. Personally, this is why I prefer a good kydex sheath with drainage/ventilation holes. Alternatively, leave the knife out of its sheath for a few days, ensuring everything is dry.





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